Why CloudLoans?

Let lenders come to you

370 commercial mortgage lenders

It’s pretty simple.

There are tons (and we mean tons!) of commercial mortgage lenders, bridging lenders, development finance lenders, family offices, high net worth individuals, private lenders, specialist lenders and so on. If we added them all up, the total would come in at well over 370 different funding sources.

How can you possibly know who does what and for whom and for how much?

We do. How?

Game Changers

There are 3 principals at CloudLoans and each of them have over 20 years experience of the short term lending sector and/or property development.

We decided there had to be a better way and after a bit of tinkering, jiggery pokery and a sprinkling of magic dust, we came up with that better way.

Let lenders come to you

That’s what we do.

We provide enough information for lenders to see if they fancy lending on your deal and if they do then great, we put you in touch with each other and get your loan completed in mega quick time. 

A quote won't cost you a penny